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Test kit
21st Century Steam Quality Testing technology combines compliance and accuracy with simplicity.
For testing the physical properties of clean/pure/plant steam in accordance with -
  • EN 285:2015
  • HTM-0101
  • AAMI ST79:2017
Tests for:
  • Dryness value
  • Superheat
  • Non-condensable Gases (NCG)

Key Features

  • Includes the SQ1E NCG Condenser Unit
  • Clean design & tri-clamp© connections
  • Repeatable, compliant and assured test results
  • Certificate of Compliance with EN 285
  • Easy to use, detailed manual, light and robust
  • Carrying Case with Wheels and Folding Attachable Table
  • Used by validation professionals world-wide

SQ1E NCG Condenser Unit

Automatically controlled air-cooled condenser with backlit displays dramatically reduces set-up and testing times.
  • Air Cooling – eliminates the hassle of using cooling water
  • Integral Burette with Push-Button Zeroing – makes it easier to start test and control testing
  • Condensate Flow Pause Button – no more loss of condensate when re-zeroing the burette
  • Back-lighting for Burette and Measuring Beaker – clear visual indication of condensate levels
  • Carrying Handle – very portable
Can be purchased separately
sq1-e steam sq1-e steam
sq1-e steam

SQ1-E Steam Quality Testing Accessories

Test Elbows
Test Elbow Dimensions
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We offer Steam Quality Test Elbows (Tri-Clover or MNPT process connection / Tri-Clover Sample Ports). These Test Elbows provide a fast and easy way to perform all the steam quality tests. Available in 3/4″ to 6″ diameter and finished to either 15 Ra EP I.D / 32 Ra O.D (for clean steam) or 32 Ra I.D / 32 Ra O.D (for plant steam), our Test Elbows are meant to remain in place when not testing and are provided with a complete validation documentation package (MTR’s, Weld Map and Log, Surface Finish Certificate, and Citric Passivation Certificate). We can also provide additional documentation (ie Level II Inspection / Hydro testing) at an added cost. Please contact us for pricing.
Electronic Balances
Electronic Balances
An electronic balance (0 – 3000g/accuracy 0.1g) is required for the dryness test, in addition to the test kit supplied. While most facilities have these available, the presence of a balance to be used exclusively with the SQ1-T Test Kit increases productivity.
We supply a lightweight, rechargeable battery/mains, rugged precision compact balance specifically for this application.
Handheld Temperature Meter/Logger and Probes
Handheld Temperature Meter/Logger and Probes
While any data logger may be used for the steam quality testing, we can also supply a dual input hand-held temperature meter/logger with two Type T Thermocouples, as two temperature inputs are required for the superheat and dryness value tests. The thermometer offers a fast response and laboratory accuracy (+/- 0.05% + 0.3°C) in a rugged hand held test tool. Has logging facility with Max/Min/Average calculations and PC connectivity, which makes it ideal for this application. Complete with NIST Calibration Certificate (Logger only)
Thermowell Temperature Probe
For a semi-permanent solution for monitoring the steam pipe temperature during testing, we offer a Tri-Clover Thermowell fitted with a Type T Thermocouple that is fitted on the temperature sample port of the Test Elbow.
Accessory Case
Accessory CaseAccessory Case
Attachable case for temp data logger and balance fits on the SQ1-E wheeled carrying case .
For further information and/or pricing, please follow this link to our info request form.