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BD11E/12E Flatbed Recorders

BD11E - top BD11E-Side
BD12E-top BD12E-Side

This line of flatbed chart recorders, formerly manufactured by Kipp & Zonen, is based on a proven, robust and reliable design that is recognized world-wide as being the standard in recording. Available in 1-pen and 2-pen versions. Both models have differential inputs with constant impedance over all input ranges which allow for accurate measurements from almost any source.

The high sensitivity (up to 400 µV full scale) and gilded input contacts allow even very low voltages to be measured accurately. The high-speed servo system records signals up to 5 Hz and the 6th order 14 Hz low pass filter eliminates the 50/60 Hz noise completely.

An auto pen-up at power and record off prevents ink stains on paper. The newly designed penholder has improved grip and simplifies the exchange of pens.
  • Modern design one or two channel operation
  • Recorder with state-of-the-art technology
  • Differential inputs
  • Electric penlift
  • Chart drive with grid and Home function
  • 16 chart speeds from 0.1 mm/min to 20 mm/sec
  • Remote control for chart drive
  • User selectable left or right zero-position
  • Event marker per channel
  • Paper advance/rewind button
Kipp BD12E

We stock supplies for all KZ Chart Recorders (BD40/41/111/112/11/12/11E/12E), as well as LEM/SERVOGOR Chart Recorders!

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